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The main Artificial Intelligence trends for 2022

The latest trends in artificial intelligence for 2022

Data analysis and valuable information

Due to the immensity of Big Data and what Artificial Intelligence depends on it, there is always the possibility that poorly organized data ends up in an Artificial Intelligence training data set or model. More and more companies are realizing the value of developing compliant and ethically performed AI, and a growing number of AI developers and service providers are starting to deliver responsible AI solutions to their customers. Companies are engineering a variety of options to make AI more accountable, and most of them start with evaluating and cleaning up both data sources and existing AI models to date.

Trend of AI and loT simultaneously

The term Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) refers to a new trend of AI in the global industry. Although IoT and AI are powerful technologies that can be employed independently, the new trend in Artificial Intelligence is expected to open up a host of new business options. It is well known that the IoT interacts with devices and generates a large amount of data. AI leverages data in real time and automates business processes without the need for human intervention. As a result, companies can easily build advanced digital transformation strategies by combining these cutting-edge technologies. Some giants such as Amazon, Oracle, Google or Microsoft are already working to integrate AI into IoT, which will undoubtedly set a trend shortly that will spread among the different layers of the industry. IoT

Use of AI-enabled chips

AI-enabled chips are another notable AI trend that will help it grow in the business environment. AI-enabled chips are a new trend whose main goal is to improve the performance of custom AI solutions. By one estimate, AI-enabled chips are expected to create a market value of more than $ 90 billion by 2025. Thanks to their faster data processing capabilities, these chips will enhance AI applications such as identification. objects, facial recognition, natural language processing, etc. Many major companies, such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm, have already developed AI-enabled chips to enhance their customers’ gaming experience on mobile devices.

Autonomous drones with AI

There are estimates that the drone business could be valued at $ 1.5 trillion within 20 years. Currently, drones with Artificial Intelligence are used successfully for surveillance, deliveries and inspections in different industrial sectors. Its smooth operation makes its popularity grow and AI-powered drones will have a substantial impact on the global industry in the near future. Whether for security or distribution, AI-powered drones will become a critical AI trend for many companies.

Stop malware attacks

Cybersecurity has always been a vital factor for companies and even more so with the rise of digitization. With the increasing use of AIoT, more data will be generated and thus more phishing and hacking attacks will occur. However, business security levels would improve with the use of powerful and intelligent Artificial Intelligence solutions in the field of prevention.

Automated machine learning

Automated machine learning is an Artificial Intelligence development that is already generating a lot of trust among those who invest in it. Even non-experts will be able to apply machine learning algorithms and address the advancement of Artificial Intelligence capabilities and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence applications in business. It is going to assume that there will be more executives and workers than with the help of robust tools such as clouds focused on machine learning and the breadth of data science expands exponentially. This will allow companies to make seamless changes to their digital transformation initiatives without fear of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Although Artificial Intelligence has been changing the world as we know it for a long time, 2022 will be a very important year in its global expansion, especially after the pandemic has changed many vectors of reality.]]>