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How to lead the change to digitization?

A crucial aspect to understand how to carry out this process of change is the leadership within the entities to promote a true digital revolution.
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Common mistakes when implementing process automation projects

When implementing process automation these are some of the biggest common mistakes that occur
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Sustainable production through automation

Automation supports caring for the planet as it is an important technology to adopt sustainable practices.
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What is warehouse automation and when to implement it

Warehouse automation is used to improve inventory tracking accuracy, reduce human error, and increase speed in the warehousing process.
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Three trends predicted for 2023 that will affect Industry 4.0

Every year, and in a faster and more efficient way, Industry…
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Automation in the mechanization industry: how to reduce costs

how the automation of the mechanization industry can really help us to reduce costs
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Digitization in ATEX zones

In an industrial work environment, ATEX zones potentially put employees at risk of serious injury or death, in addition to financial loss from damaged equipment.
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Smart energy monitoring

Today, more than ever, it is important to focus on the transition…
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Brief overview of the world of types of industrial networks

The goal of industrial communication networks is the secure transmission of data from the field level to the control system level.
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What are the landmarks that show that a factory needs to adopt industrial automation

Although the benefits of automation may be obvious, it is often not easy to know if a factory is ready