Qué es el Building Management System

El Building Management System o BMS es un sistema informático instalado en edificios para gestionar y monitorizar equipos.
El BMS 1

What is the Building Management System

The Building Management System or BMS is a computer system installed in buildings to manage and monitor equipment.
Tendencias industria

Aspects that are trending in Industry 4.0 in 2021

Industry 4.0 trends are critical to achieving connected manufacturing for smart, autonomous factories.
Tendencias industria

Aspectos que son tendencia en la Industria 4.0 en 2021

Las tendencias de la Industria 4.0 son fundamentales para lograr una fabricación conectada orientada a fábricas inteligentes y autónomas.
Un microchip

The current problem of the lack of semiconductors in industrial hardware

The current lack of semiconductors is affecting not only manufacturers but all those who depend on being able to supply the final products.
Un microchip

El actual problema de la falta de semiconductores en el hardware industrial

La actual falta de semiconductores está afectando no solo a los fabricantes sino a todos los que dependen de poder suministrarse de los productos finales.
Energia fotovoltaica

Differences between photovoltaic and solar thermal energy

The fundamental difference between photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy can be found in their operating principles.