Siemens descatalogado SIMATIC S7 300 cómo migrar al S7 1500 1

Siemens has discontinued the SIMATIC S7-300: how to migrate to the S7-1500?

If you have already made the decision to migrate from Siemens S7-300 and S7-1500, take into account these tips on how to carry out the migration to S7-1500.
Gemelos digitales 2

Digital twins: what are they and what are their benefits for the industry

Hundreds of companies and industries implement digital twins, a new technology with great benefits for the sector.
trabajador ingeniero profesional masculino control calidad mantenimiento inspeccion fabricacion almacenamiento almacen capacitacion operadores fabrica control hombres ingenieria e ia

Goodbye DCOM. How Microsoft’s new patch affects the industry

This patch increases the security level required for DCOM communications by default. But all applications that use the Windows API to establish DCOM connections between two devices are affected just like the OPC-DA protocol.
aerial view of solar thermal power station 2021 08 29 17 47 08 utc 2

Solar thermal industry: among the best sources of sustainable energy

Solar thermal energy is a sector of the energy industry that focuses on the production of electrical energy through the use of solar radiation.
Joint development of a new product. Business Technology Internet

Product development for a service company

The objective of product development in a service company is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its solutions, positively increase the user experience (User Experience-UX), as well as their satisfaction and loyalty.
6 Ventajas del desarrollo a medida 2

Advantages of custom development

The development of custom software has become an essential aspect in the digitalization process of companies.
moving conveyor transporter on Modern waste recycling processing

Automation in the recycling industry

The recycling industry is an economic sector that is booming…
Crane grab scrap

Minimize material waste thanks to automation

Material waste refers to the amount of material that is used…
1 Automatización en la industria portuaria 2

Automation in the port industry

The port industry refers to all economic and commercial activities…
2 Cómo liderar el cambio hacia la digitalización 2

How to lead the change to digitization?

A crucial aspect to understand how to carry out this process of change is the leadership within the entities to promote a true digital revolution.