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José María Guillén, CEO of HEXA Ingenieros, on the company’s 20th anniversary

Twenty years have passed since HEXA Ingenieros was founded. José María Guillén - its CEO - reviews how the journey has been.
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Reduction of industrial energy consumption thanks to digitization

Digitalization contributes to the design of the energy market, drives the development of factories and improves heating and cooling.
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The importance of systems integration in today’s industry

Industry 4.0 requires better integration between processes in order to exchange information more efficiently and quickly.
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New technologies can help improve worker safety in industry

Safety in the industry is a factor in which digitalization and new technologies can be of great help for its improvement.
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The 5G revolution in Industry 4.0

5G enables critical communications, such as wireless control of manufacturing machines and robots, which further drives Industry 4.0.
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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things allows the network connection of industrial plant machines and their process chains.
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Machine learning and IA benefit worker safety in industry

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, industries are optimizing a safe environment for workers.
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What is predictive maintenance in the industry

Predictive maintenance uses tools to detect anomalies in equipment and processes to fix them before they become breakdowns.
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WMS: basic concepts of warehouse management systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software that optimizes warehouse operations through automated management functions.
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The relevant role of cobots in Industry 4.0

Cobots are a key element in today's factories, replacing or collaborating with workers in their most complex or repetitive tasks.