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Five forecasts that will boost the industry this year

Industry players can look to 2022 with confidence, with plenty of reason for reasonable optimism.
Símbolo CRM

Why CRM is inevitable in today's industry

The industry increasingly needs a durable CRM solution tailored to the constraints of a specific market.
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Digital technologies to overcome supply chain challenges in the agriculture industry

Today's food supply chains demand that food waste be reduced and that food be of quality and safe.

Five great cyberattacks in history

When security is not optimized or human errors multiply, the consequences of cyberattacks can be disastrous.
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The impact of Blockchain and IoT on logistics tracking

In all areas of business, protecting the brand and guaranteeing consumers’ security is fundamental. In some business sectors, it is critical for the company's sustainability.
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The main Artificial Intelligence trends for 2022

According to existing data, in just four years, the number of entities using Artificial Intelligence has increased by 270%.
Smart City

Different models of cities around the world: Smart cities

Cities are increasingly turning to technologies to improve the quality of life and create an environment to minimize challenges.
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What is manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing analytics is the use of data and technologies from operations and events in the manufacturing industry.
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The importance of digitization in logistics

Logistics operations have evolved significantly thanks to advances in technology and these improvements will continue for many years to come.
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The conditions for implementing robotic process automation

Robotic process automation consists of entrusting a software robot with the execution of tasks generally performed by humans.