zonas ATEX 1

Digitization in ATEX zones

In an industrial work environment, ATEX zones potentially put employees at risk of serious injury or death, in addition to financial loss from damaged equipment.
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Smart energy monitoring

Today, more than ever, it is important to focus on the transition…
Ethernet industrial

Brief overview of the world of types of industrial networks

The goal of industrial communication networks is the secure transmission of data from the field level to the control system level.
Robot industrial

What are the landmarks that show that a factory needs to adopt industrial automation

Although the benefits of automation may be obvious, it is often not easy to know if a factory is ready
Cartón plisado para embalaje

Automation trends in the packaging industry

In the packaging industry, innovative companies are increasingly relying on human-robot collaboration and the use of AI

Update on the worrying semiconductor crisis

The geopolitical earthquake caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has further increased the existing semiconductor crisis
Iluminación industrial

How to easily reduce the cost of energy in industry

Due to the alarming rise in energy prices, many companies are looking for ways to save energy and, above all, optimize their profitability
Industria 5.0

What is Industry 5.0 and its changes in business strategies

Industry 5.0 reflects a shift from a focus on economic value to a focus on social value and well-being
Operario en una pasarela de la fábrica

The inevitable safety of workers in Industry 4.0

The safety and performance of industrial companies go hand in hand and even more so in Industry 4.0, where the environment is constantly changing
Farmaceutica maneja una tablet

The change in the universe of pharmacies forces a new digital approach

Digital technologies are strategic for the pharmacy to define the path of the patient, of this new consumer