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Why it makes sense to really go for green hydrogen

The climate emergency that the planet is experiencing makes solutions such as hydrogen produced with renewable electricity very necessary.
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What is biomass

Biomass is an increasingly used term and it is renewable organic material that comes from living beings, plants and animals.
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Four reasons why it is inevitable to introduce Augmented Reality in the industry

Augmented Reality is a truly innovative technology that is proving its usefulness and profitability in many different fields.
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Five trends for 2021 in Industry 4.0

Despite the weight that the pandemic is having in the world economy, Industry 4.0 looks to the future with new trends in 2021.
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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things allows the network connection of industrial plant machines and their process chains.
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What is predictive maintenance in the industry

Predictive maintenance uses tools to detect anomalies in equipment and processes to fix them before they become breakdowns.
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The relevant role of cobots in Industry 4.0

Cobots are a key element in today's factories, replacing or collaborating with workers in their most complex or repetitive tasks.
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How to better understand virtualization for industrial automation

Virtualization enables improvements in scalability, portability, security, agility and speed in relation to industrial applications