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Goodbye DCOM. How Microsoft’s new patch affects the industry

This patch increases the security level required for DCOM communications by default. But all applications that use the Windows API to establish DCOM connections between two devices are affected just like the OPC-DA protocol.
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Solar thermal industry: among the best sources of sustainable energy

Solar thermal energy is a sector of the energy industry that focuses on the production of electrical energy through the use of solar radiation.
Joint development of a new product. Business Technology Internet

Product development for a service company

The objective of product development in a service company is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its solutions, positively increase the user experience (User Experience-UX), as well as their satisfaction and loyalty.
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Smart energy monitoring

Today, more than ever, it is important to focus on the transition…
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The change in the universe of pharmacies forces a new digital approach

Digital technologies are strategic for the pharmacy to define the path of the patient, of this new consumer
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Industrial process control using PCS7

Modernize and expand your factory with PCS7. Quick and easy device integration. Increase your efficiency. Improve your security.
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What is OPC UA? Differences with OPC

OPC UA stands for OPC Unified Architecture. It is an extensible and platform-independent standard for the secure exchange of information in industrial systems.

The growing importance of cybersecurity and the relative attention it receives

Hackers' motives are multiple. From financial or economic reasons to politics, which also exist.
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Top AI trends in the automotive industry in 2022

AI will have a long-term impact on any industry in the field of statistical analysis, rankings, predictions, or automation use cases.
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Big data and blockchain: the winning combination in data architecture

Blockchain technology is applied to a large number of sectors. One of these is data processing. In fact, along with Big Data, it is already a technology used today.