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Applications of a maintenance manager

Maintenance management will achieve adequate conditions for the operation of the equipment, machinery and all the technology used in the entities.
4 La automatización no destruye puestos de trabajo

Automation does not destroy jobs

Thanks to its important benefits, the use of automation has grown…
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Automation in the recycling industry

The recycling industry is an economic sector that is booming…
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Minimize material waste thanks to automation

Material waste refers to the amount of material that is used…
1 Automatización en la industria portuaria 2

Automation in the port industry

The port industry refers to all economic and commercial activities…
3 Errores comunes al implementar proyectos de automatización de procesos 2

Common mistakes when implementing process automation projects

When implementing process automation these are some of the biggest common mistakes that occur
1 Producción sostenible gracias a la automatización

Sustainable production through automation

Automation supports caring for the planet as it is an important technology to adopt sustainable practices.
4 Automatización en almacenes 3

What is warehouse automation and when to implement it

Warehouse automation is used to improve inventory tracking accuracy, reduce human error, and increase speed in the warehousing process.
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Automation in the mechanization industry: how to reduce costs

how the automation of the mechanization industry can really help us to reduce costs
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Digitization in ATEX zones

In an industrial work environment, ATEX zones potentially put employees at risk of serious injury or death, in addition to financial loss from damaged equipment.