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Reduction of industrial energy consumption thanks to digitization

Digitalization contributes to the design of the energy market, drives the development of factories and improves heating and cooling.
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The importance of systems integration in today’s industry

Industry 4.0 requires better integration between processes in order to exchange information more efficiently and quickly.

Agile management of manufacturing projects in the industry

The Agile methodology allows a work team to offer quick and unforeseen solutions to the feedback received about the project.
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PLC versus safety PLC

A PLC is a computer designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial environments. It is used to automate industrial processes.
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Industry 4.0 and the growing mix of disruptive technologies

Industry 4.0 cannot be conceived without machine learning, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence or computer vision being present.
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What are the functionalities that a MES system should cover

The common functionalities that every MES system should have.
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Traceability and MES system: two aspects to distinguish in the industry

When it comes to production in the industry today, both aspects are essential, and therefore it is important not to confuse traceability with an MES system.
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A custom MES system or a standard one?

One of the doubts when making an investment in a management program such as MES, is in choosing a custom software or a standard one.
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What is virtualization and which are its advantages and benefits

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual, rather than a real,…