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The Latest Industry 4.0 Solutions for SMEs

We often encounter clients who think their businesses are too small to benefit from the latest Industry 4.0 technology. They don’t want to invest in automation technology because they believe their budgets are too tight to justify the benefits. However, this perspective couldn’t be further from the truth. When you partner with a team of experts with hands-on experience, they can deliver a scalable automation solution that reflects your needs and budget.

At HEXA, we prioritize customizing Industry 4.0 solutions that align with any business model. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the scalable automation solutions popular with our small- to medium-size clients and the benefits they offer.

Automation Systems

The team at HEXA Engineers specializes in delivering cutting-edge automation solutions built around the machinery you’re already using. As part of our commitment to saving you money while maximizing your return on investment, we pinpoint the strengths of your existing infrastructure to develop an automation strategy that maximizes your current operations. By adopting an automation platform, you can enhance your existing processes while enjoying the added benefits of:

  • Continuous, error-free repetition
  • Improved quality control
  • Product tracking and traceability
  • Cost savings at every level
  • Reduced material waste
  • Minimized overhead expenses
  • Predictable production times
  • Flexible, scalable performance refinement
  • Secure, user-friendly data storage and consolidation

If you’re not sure whether automation is right for your facility, the engineers at HEXA are here to tell you it is! Because we develop customized solutions from the ground up, we can develop an automation strategy that fine-tunes production levels, ranging from a particular machine to multiple factories. At the same time, we never sell you anymore than you need. We’re committed to maximizing the value of your existing equipment to make your budget go further than you thought possible.

Batch Processing

Is excessive downtime slowing your growth? With automation technology, you can boost production by deploying systems that maximize productivity, even when you aren’t around. Think your production processes are too complex to be automated? A cutting-edge batch processing solution may just change your mind. With batch processing, our team can take a process that seems complicated and incorporates several different parts and simplify operations with intuitive, user-friendly tools. That way, your business can use off-hours to boost production levels.

Automation Solutions for Any Operation

If you still feel your operations are too small to benefit from automation technology, get in touch with the engineers at HEXA today. We’ll take the time to understand your processes and growth goals from the inside out, so we can show you exactly where and how your business can benefit from the latest Industry 4.0 technology. We’ll work with your budget to achieve the ideal balance between cost and results.