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What are the landmarks that show that a factory needs to adopt industrial automation

Although the benefits of automation may be obvious, it is often not easy to know if a factory is ready
Formacion digital industrial

The importance of digital training

One of the great challenges of the industry is to achieve the digital transformation of its workers through constant training.
Cajas cinta transportadora

Aggregation in industry, with pharmaceuticals as a model

Aggregation is a serialization solution on production lines that involves adding a unique identifier to each unique product.
Tecla mantenimiento

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS is a software that maintains a database of information about the maintenance operations of an organization.
Ransomware ataque

Ransomware has taken the industry as one of its main targets

Cybercriminals use ransomware as an attack system because it is often the fastest and easiest way to earn money.
Un microchip

The current problem of the lack of semiconductors in industrial hardware

The current lack of semiconductors is affecting not only manufacturers but all those who depend on being able to supply the final products.
Energia fotovoltaica

Differences between photovoltaic and solar thermal energy

The fundamental difference between photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy can be found in their operating principles.
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What is biomass

Biomass is an increasingly used term and it is renewable organic material that comes from living beings, plants and animals.
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How to better understand virtualization for industrial automation

Virtualization enables improvements in scalability, portability, security, agility and speed in relation to industrial applications