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Automation Solution

Finding the Right Automation Solution for Your Business

If you’ve researched the possibility of deploying an automation solution for your manufacturing facility, you may have encountered so many options that you aren’t sure where or how to begin. That’s understandable as Industry 4.0 developments and the Internet of Things revolution have made the possibilities of automation for manufacturing industries virtually limitless. Instead of being overwhelmed by the possibilities, however, you just need to find an ideal automation partner to help you navigate the opportunities and leverage an ideal solution for your needs. As you begin developing an automation platform, here are three key factors to consider if you want to ensure that your new solution aligns with your short and long-term goals.

Scope of Automation

Before deciding on an automation platform, you first need to outline your overall organizational objectives. Which processes are ripe for automation? Do you want an integrated industrial solution that automates your entire facility, or would you prefer to just automate a few repetitive tasks? Once you’ve nailed down your growth priorities, you can more easily assess whether an automation solution matches your needs.


If you’re looking to integrate existing equipment and systems into your automation platform, the possibility of compatibility needs to be clarified early on. By nailing down the answers to these questions early on, you can reduce the risk of roadblocks that lead to delayed timelines and even project failure.


One of the most common reasons businesses decide to deploy an automation platform is as a catalyst for growth. If your organization is looking towards automation to propel growth, you need an automation platform that’s prepared to match your growth goals. Simply put, as your business grows, you need an automation solution that’s prepared to grow with you. At the same time, you need a platform that’s within budget while balancing cost with benefits.

Ease of Use

If your automation interfaces aren’t straightforward and intuitive, your team will never be able to maximize their potential. And if the platform isn’t easy to use, your team won’t even want to use it in the first place. On top of that, complicated software makes training new employees an unnecessary burden that slows your organization down. All of these potential issues can be addressed by ensuring that your automation solution is easy to use, so your team is excited about the digital transformation.

Support and Service

Even if the platform is easy to use, your team is inevitably going to have questions, and problems may arise. Make sure your automation partner offers ongoing support and predictive maintenance, so you’re never left scrambling to find answers to basic questions or issues. When you find the right partner, you always know exactly who to call for all of your automation needs, both today and tomorrow.


Chances are, your business requires more than an off-the-shelf automation solution. Automation systems are frequently specific to individual facilities, and you need a platform that synchronized to your needs. If your team has to limit operation to accommodate your automation platform, you’re going to run into problems later on. Instead, finding an ideal solution requires customization features that are built around your organization needs, instead of the other way around.

Your Automation Experts

Finding the ideal automation solution for your business starts with finding the right automation partner. At HEXA, we’ve already helped organizations of all sizes in just about every sector experience rapid growth by deploying the latest Industry 4.0 technology. Read a case study on a manufacturing execution system we designed and implemented to gain a deeper understanding of how we can elevate your operations to new levels of productivity.

Product Traceability

The Benefits of Product Traceability

While most people associate product traceability with food recalls, a traceability platform offers much more than just that. If your organization is looking for ways to optimize the production line and manufacturing timelines at your facility, a product traceability platform is a fundamental first step. By allowing you to collect data and monitor every step of the production process from the moment raw materials arrive at your facility all the way to distribution, a product traceability solution allows you to achieve an optimal balance of supply and demand. Wondering what other benefits a product traceability software solution can offer your organization? Let’s get started.

Centralized Inventory Management

If you’re using multiple platforms to track and trace your supply chain, it’s only a matter of time before someone forgets to source materials, and you don’t realize it until you need the materials for the manufacturing process. A product traceability software solution allows you to see exactly how much inventory you have on hand, on order, and in use all in on one platform. That way, your team can quickly assess inventory status in one place to make sure you always have what you need on hand when you need it. By centralizing inventory management on a platform that updates in real-time, your organization can minimize the risk of miscommunication or reorder errors.

Improved Quality Control

Because product traceability software associates unique codes to each product or batch, your quality control team can mitigate the chance that mistakes slip through the gaps. With unique identifiers, your team can quickly pinpoint the source of the problem and screen any similar products with potential flaws before moving forward. A comprehensive product traceability platform actively reduces the risk of a product recall, especially if you work in an industry that deals with food products or safety equipment.

Powerful Data-Driven Insights

When you empower your team with one centralized tool to track every step of the production process, you no longer have to worry about making “educated guesses” when it comes to decision making. With intuitive reporting tools, a product traceability solution allows you to ground all of your decisions in reality. Whether you’re trying to decide how much aluminum to stock at any one time, or you just want to see how much you’re spending on polymer each month, a product traceability program tracks metrics in real-time, so they’re always just a quick click away.

Maximize ROI

When you invest in a product traceability platform, expect for the investment to pay for itself. All it takes is one averted product recall for the investment to cover the cost of the platform. At the same time, a traceability solution simplifies supply chain management, so you’re never investing in more than you need while always ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

By ensuring that you’re only delivering the highest quality products to your customers, you can have the peace of mind that your organization is consistently living up to the standards you espouse. The steps you take to keep your customers happy directly affects retention rates, quickly delivering a return on your investment.

The Traceability Experts

The team at HEXA Engineers already has hands-on experience helping organizations develop and deploy product traceability platforms, and we’re here to help you next. Read a case study on a traceability system we designed and deployed to start exploring how manufacturing traceability can transform your operations while preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow.

Benefits Of Installing MES/MOM Systems

Benefits Of Installing MES/MOM Systems

Choose The Right Equipment For Your Facility

If you’re stuck working with technology that doesn’t actively improve your supply chain, it’s time to make a change. Installing manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software is a great way to maximize what your facility is capable of.

Both solutions contribute to a more organized, transparent process. MES/MOM solutions allow you to implement specific policies that ultimately govern your workflow, maintain production value, and ensure that each individual step in your process is accounted for.

Having access to relevant information in real time is the perfect way to make sure that nothing is ever overlooked or underresearched. The more visibility you retain across your platform, the easier it is to improve production quality. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits that our MES/MOM services offer your business.

Gain An Advantage Over The Competition

The business processes you practice within your facility have an enormous impact on your company’s welfare. You need to look for a competitive advantage everywhere you can; that means implementing software that works with you, not against you. So many manufacturing companies suffer the consequences of working with technology that’s not quite right for them. For everything from planning and scheduling to the minutiae of your production processes, there’s an easier way to consolidate and streamline workflow.

Benefits Of MES/MOM Solutions

  • Shorter time to market: It’s much easier to minimize production time if you have an effective system in place. With MES/MOM solutions, you’ll be able to improve production time and get your products delivered to your customers more effectively than ever before.
  • Increased productivity: Every step of your process needs to be fine-tuned for high-quality performance. MES/MOM solutions give you access to every single aspect of your workflow so that you can apply the data you have on hand and gain tangible benefits.
  • Flexibility and innovation: The better you are able to view your entire system, the easier it is to make adjustments as needed. Most companies remain stagnant because the platform they use seriously limits them. Increase your opportunity for success with a flexible, scalable solution.
  • Cost-effective operations: Every company wants to be able to reduce operating costs. Minimize the chance of workflow disruptions with a simple, consolidated platform
  • Superior supply chain functionality: Communication across your software is critical for maintaining high performance. The software you work with should allow you the freedom to make changes when needed. MES/MOM solutions offer unparalleled transparency and actively work to streamline your workflow.

Comprehensive data collection, analysis, and sharing: Increased access to pertinent information is crucial for optimizing your supply chain. You’ll gain unmatched transparency and be able to make strategic and informed decisions regarding your processes.

Simplify Your Life With HEXA Engineers

Choose a provider that’s seen it all. HEXA Engineers leverages our experience to maximize your potential and put you in the best position going forward.

Reach out today to find out how MES/MOM solutions can lead to future success.