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Hexa Ingenieros turns 21

Every year that passes counts and they are already 21 years from Hexa Ingenieros in the market, since that 2001 in which we united our intentions, our knowledge and our desire to become a consulting reference in the field of industry.

More than two decades have passed and in them the world has shown around us brilliant moments but also some of the most complex of our era. The attacks of 9/11, those of 11-M in Madrid, the world crisis that was unleashed as a result of the Lehman Brothers case in 2007, a pandemic like no other had taken place in a century before and which has not yet been put an end, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its humanitarian and economic consequences that are already a reality… and yet, in Hexa we have not ceased to have the feeling that the sun rises every day and that we have to be together with our clients and in our sector, making industry 4.0 grow in a sustainable and competitive way for those who decide to take a step forward in their updating.

One of the lessons that we have learned in these 21 years, which we now proudly celebrate, has to do with the fact that in order to practice consulting, the speed at which technological changes occur requires constant updating by those of us who form Hexa Engineers. Only in this way can we adequately respond to the challenges that arise on a daily basis from the different realities of our clients. Advice, implementation and maintenance are three of the main vectors that make up our work as consultants and in each of these extremes we are temporarily aligned with the latest market trends.

It is, therefore, a time to look back and give thanks to those of you who in one way or another are part of a journey like the one we have been traveling since 2001. To customers, suppliers, workers, collaborators, to the competition… thank you all very much because without you Hexa Ingenieros would not have been possible. And, also, we are grateful to you for showing us the path to follow in the front line, full of hope and future, always by your side and ready to share the knowledge that we treasure.

We end this short anniversary text with the wish that the world solve its problems and that in this way we can continue working to make it a better place.