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Gouze, connect your business with the world

GOUZE is the channel that make Blockchain technology accessible to the business world. With all the benefit this implies for the control, traceability and security of production processes.

A ready-to-use platform, based on Blockchain, which promotes a trustworthy traceability experience.

With this tool, Signeblock wants to turn transparency into an essential asset to ensure the provenance, authorship, quality and value of goods and services, by promoting business and social growth generated by trust. 

Gouze is an easy to install platform. Just choose the modality that best suits the business’s needs and, if necessary, request Signeblock for training and technical support, in order to effortlessly enjoy all the advantages of having a digital enabler to make digital transformation another asset of your business.

Gouze allows hybridization between the physical and digital world in order to achieve a smart industry.