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Why choose an expert company in IT and OT

Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) are two fields that increasingly require convergence.
Grafico MES

What are the functionalities that a MES system should cover

The common functionalities that every MES system should have.
Control inteligente

Where do I start to digitize my factory from

While it is true that there are options for all budgets and needs, a common path can also be drawn to digitize a productive industry.
Cadena de Produccion

Traceability and MES system: two aspects to distinguish in the industry

When it comes to production in the industry today, both aspects are essential, and therefore it is important not to confuse traceability with an MES system.
Planta de produccion

A custom MES system or a standard one?

One of the doubts when making an investment in a management program such as MES, is in choosing a custom software or a standard one.
Produccion quimica

Receipt management versus batch management

When it comes to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries, there is one aspect they have in common: batch production.
DCS system

What is a DCS system and what is it for?

The DCS, or Decentralized Control System, is a system that coordinates and supervises a complete industrial plant of many variable processes
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