Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry

In this article we seek to give a general idea of how it is possible to implement traceability throughout the whole supply chain within the framework of the pharmaceutical sector, preparing ourselves for the foreseeable future, that is, from the use of Blockchain technology enabling this traceability to be implemented transparently and immutably. This technology allows all the ‘critical’ information of the product to be securely and reliably transferred.

Today, in order to put a product on sale, meeting the regulations governing the sector market is of utmost importance. The pharmaceutical, food or chemical are the strictest sectors where specific mandatory compliance regulations are applied in all stages, from manufacturing through to sales. All these regulations refer to the need to have complete product traceability.

But it is important to make clear what is being sought in terms of traceability: 

A few examples:

  1. Production efficiency (OEE). Traceability aimed at production quality.
  2. Product security (regulatory compliance).
  3. Control and management of production, maintenance, resources, consumptions, etc. 
  4. Fight against fraud.

The aim is to have systems in place which enable the effective use of the manufacturing process data in order to maximise productivity, improve the performance of processes, optimise asset use and ensure end product quality. If we put our focus on the pharmacy sector, we can say that its regulations are becoming increasingly stricter.