Blockchain and the possibility of the “Connected Industry”

Talking about the connected industry means talking about digitalisation and transformation. A hybridisation between the physical and digital world in which the use of new technologies such as IoT or Blockchain, favours the conversion towards a truly smart industry. It is the latest industrial revolution and the beginning of what has been called industry 4.0.

But in order to fully understand what we are referring to when talking about the connected industry, let us analyse three important factors that intervene in it:

Identifying the processes

 A connected industry enables the real time communication of all the parties involved in a production process, providing the incorporation of all the information which may be required or of use. By doing so, it guarantees the identity of each one, thereby facilitating better decision making.


Allowing information to reliably and inalterably link up to people, processes, products and services, offering companies, agents and consumers full control of the supply chain, from the origin to the end consumer, providing transparency and reliability to the global supply chains.


Because a Connected Industry is only possible when all the life cycle information of products or services are interconnected and accessible for everyone.

Traceability adds value to a company’s products and services by facilitating the creation of collaborative environments between the different supply chains, from the producers to the end consumers, eliminating opacity and inefficiencies in the information transfer and use of the available information. Blockchain technology enables this information to also be, inalterable, thereby contributing to create smarter, more secure and reliable supply chain networks.

In short, products carry their own information and ultimately, we can ask them: “what happened to you?”.

This process enables companies, regardless of their level of digitalisation, in their transition to the 4th “Industrial Revolution” with accessible tools, immediate implementation, facilitating their control, management and auditing processes.

In order to do this, we have developed the most advanced, adaptable and intuitive range of access solutions to Blockchain such as our GOUZE platform, providing companies with a quick and reliable traceability of their products and services, paving the way to the full digitalisation of their processes.