4 Benefits of Using Batch Systems

Batch operating systems, when used as a function of an overall automated manufacturing strategy, have a variety of benefits for manufacturers across a range of industries. By improving operational efficiency (and therefore boosting production while cutting waste), businesses can cut costs and boost the ROI from both their raw materials and the system as a whole. 

Batching systems have a range of advantages and use cases, depending on a user’s production schedule, but nearly all manufacturers can take advantage. Below you will find four benefits of using a batching system for your production. This is by no means a complete list, but it should give you an idea of how batching can help.

Cut Waste

Batching plant systems allow you to maximize usage of raw materials and other resources by making your production line more efficient. Even a slight increase in the efficiency with which you use raw materials can have a significant impact on your costs, yields, and revenue down the line. With HEXA Engineers optimizing your automation system through batching, you can see increased production while maintaining the high quality standards your customers expect.

Reduce Startup Costs

Portable batch systems can enable a single production line to make several different products. Essentially, this means that instead of requiring additional investment in hardware or manufacturing equipment, production can potentially take place on existing machinery. As your suite of product offerings grows, this can mean the difference between buying new equipment (and leasing more space to house it) and keeping a healthy bottom line.

Change With the Seasons

Whether your production portfolio includes multiple products or rotates your offerings on a seasonal basis, batching systems can increase the agility of your production capability. Certain products may have fluctuating demand; others might have smaller runs with higher margins. And you’re always going to be conducting pilot runs of new products as your suite of offerings grows. Whatever your situation, change is constant. Batching systems allow you to adapt to changing demand.

Continuous Production

If you have a number of products in your portfolio with similar production requirements, batching will allow you to increase output with a continuous schedule. Batch monitoring systems keep production on track regardless of the number of products you need to create. 

Take a wax crayon manufacturer, for example. Each box contains a variety of colors—sometimes more than a hundred—and they’re looking to provide a specific number to the customer. This can only be accomplished with an effective batch system.

Batch Systems: One of HEXA Engineers’ Specialties

Batch systems can make all the difference for manufacturers in nearly any industry. It’s hard to imagine the industry functioning without it. If you’re like most manufacturers, you aren’t producing a single product. HEXA Engineers can create batch systems designed for your particular use case. 

Connect with us today to learn more about how our engineers can optimize your production by creating a batch system for your application.